• About us

    Game Cycle was first established in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in 2006. In the very competitive, and ever-changing, video game market place, Game Cycle has managed to keep our customers satisfied, by continuing to provide quality entertainment choices at reasonable, and affordable prices.

    Game Cycle has one of the largest selections of used video games, and used video game consoles, you’ll find. We are the place to find unique, and hard-to-find, video games.

    With over 25 years of experience in the industry, operating game stores, you can be assured, Game Cycle will provide quality and affordable entertainment for you, and your whole family.

    Offered services

    Game Cycle can accept your used video games, equipment, consoles, and DVD movies, offering you the option of trading them in for something you want, or receiving cash in your pocket.


    Bring in your used games, movies, consoles, and accessories for and recieve top trade value!


    Bring in your used games, movies, consoles, and accessories for and recieve top dollar!


    We may have what you’re looking for, we have a wide variety of game-types and older game consoles.

    We pay you top dollar for your used items, or offer top trade-in value.

    All used items must be brought into the store for examination, to determine the value you will receive.

    Please do not request quotes for games, consoles, equipment, or any other used item, over the phone, or in an email, as we cannot assess their value until they have been seen by our staff.

    Please review our policies, regarding in-store transactions, for more information.

    A few words from people that shopped at GameCycle

    “Can't beat the prices on used games, cheapest in town for sure! Selection is decent for used games. Staff is knowledgeable and always...”

    Jacob Bornais
    Google - ★★★★★

    “Great selection with good prices and great customer service”

    Julie Lafontaine
    Google - ★★★★★

    “Both game cycles are worth the trip because they are clean and organized. You can get really good deals on a lot of games and DVDs.”

    Alya H
    Google - ★★★★★

    Frequently asked questions

    You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, and possess valid photo identification ( such as your Ontario Drivers Licence ), in order to sell or trade-in, any item brought into our stores.
    All offers made to purchase your used items are at the sole discretion of the person(s) evaluating the items, and not based on any industry-wide assesment of value, or whatever the items retail value may have been when originally purchased.
    Yes! All items to be sold or traded in to Game Cycle must be seen and evaluated by our staff. Game Cycle does not offer quotes or estimates on any items we have not seen and inspected.
    Yes, Game Cycle guarantees all games, game consoles, and game equipment, purchased in our stores, are in good working condition. We offer a three (3) day warranty on all such purchases, in order to give customers a reasonable opportunity to test and evaluate a video game, console, or equipment.
    Game Cycle reserves the right to refuse ANY item purchased, that is to be returned, regardless of our stated three (3) day warranty, if sufficient evidence exists to support customer negligence, or damage not previously recorded or viewed, when an item in question was originally purchased. Game Cycle also reserves the right to replace the returned item with an exact, working copy of the original purchase, if one is available, or substitute a store credit equal to the amount of the original purchase. We do not offer cash, credit, debit returns, all returns are offered in store credit only

    Contact details

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!